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Beware of new energy vehicles into the "mud foot giant"

Date:Jan 13,2017

China has become the world's largest production and sales of new energy vehicles and maintain the country, high subsidies also make some companies take the risk, at the expense of fraud through the financial subsidies


The ability to master the core technology to create a well-known brands, and gradually embarked on the main market-dependent development of the road has become China's new energy automotive industry, the key to success or failure


Ministry of Finance, Development and Reform Commission and other four ministries recently issued "on the adjustment of new energy vehicles to promote the use of financial subsidies policy notice." The new subsidy policy adjustment for the "one down a liter", that is substantially reduced 6 meters to 8 meters, 8 meters to 10 meters and other pure electric bus models subsidies to enhance the production enterprises and product access threshold.



Benefit from the national and local financial subsidies, as well as local open-line, not limited to purchase policy guidance, China's new energy vehicle market gradually opened. As of the end of November 2016, China's new energy vehicle ownership of nearly 900,000, becoming the world's largest production and sales of new energy vehicles and maintain the country. However, high subsidies also make some companies take the risk, at fraudulent financial subsidies through fraud.


According to the Ministry of Finance on the promotion of new energy vehicles in the application of grants funds to the results of the survey, only Suzhou Jim West, Suzhou Jinlong, Shenzhen Wuzhou Long, Chery Wanda Guizhou, Henan Shaolin five bus companies, in 2015 by false reporting fraud The central government funds more than 1 billion yuan. "Fianbu" bring great reflection of the entire industry. "The amount of subsidies is too high," "low subsidy threshold" and "extensive subsidies", the community questioned this continued, and even once also appeared, "Do you want to cancel subsidies" argument. On the new energy vehicles, "make up" how to "fill", is a test of the ability of policy makers and wisdom.


"The policy adjustment to reduce the subsidy standards, is conducive to sustainable subsidies." National Passenger Car Market Information Secretary-General Cui Dongshu said 2017 passenger subsidies in 2016 on the basis of 20% reduction, the change is not very large ; New energy buses, especially 6 meters to 8 meters, 8 meters to 10 meters and other previous cheat make serious subsidies for small and medium-sized electric buses significantly lower, in full compliance with expectations, but also a better response to the community's "question."


More importantly, the new energy bus subsidies to refine the standard for the power battery to subsidize the core to the battery production costs and technological progress as the basis for the accounting level, by setting the level of energy consumption, vehicle driving range, battery / whole The proportion of the weight of the car, the battery performance level and other subsidies access threshold, and considering the size of the battery capacity, energy density level, charge rate, fuel economy rate and other factors to determine the program is more scientific.


"The subsidy threshold to enhance, help enterprises through innovation, improve product competitiveness." Cui Dongshu said that the manufacturers and products to improve the access threshold, mainly in the increase in vehicle energy consumption requirements. For example, pure electric passenger car according to the quality of the whole car, increasing the corresponding working conditions 100 km power consumption requirements; pure electric vehicles in accordance with vehicle type, an increase of unit load mass energy consumption (Ekg), tons Km power consumption requirements, indicators of adjustment is conducive to encouraging technological progress, can effectively prevent excessive miniaturization of vehicles.


The new policy adjustment also introduced a new national standard battery power to improve the safety of battery power, cycle life, charge and discharge performance indicators requirements, set the power battery energy density threshold. The industry said the move is expected to inhibit the battery of low-end scattered problem, forcing the battery industry chain upgrade.


In addition, the new policy adjustment also increased the security requirements. For example, due to product quality safety accidents caused by the model, depending on the nature of the accident, the severity of subsidies and other subsidies, and suspend the vehicle or business subsidies. In particular, requires the establishment of market sampling mechanism to strengthen the management of vehicle inspection, sampling of unqualified enterprises and products, timely clean-up "new energy vehicles to promote the use of recommended models directory", which for the purification industry development environment, is of great significance. "The purchase of new energy vehicles for non-individual users to apply for subsidies, the cumulative mileage required to reach 30,000 km, can also play a special logistics vehicle market, an effective clean-up, crack down through the fake time-sharing company cheating behavior. Say.


"Of course, we have to see, no matter how the adjustment of the policy, there are always subsidies to exit the day." China Electric Vehicles hundred people will be chairman Chen Qingtai that the new energy vehicle cost-effective process can not keep up with the policy Process, and in the cycle of the slope by mastering the core technology, to create a well-known brand of electric cars, and gradually embarked on the road to rely mainly on market self-development has become the key to the success of new energy automotive industry in China. Otherwise, the whole industry is likely to become "mud giant". In this sense, the introduction of the subsidy adjustment policy, in fact, sounded the era of post-subsidies for enterprise innovation and development of the horn.

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