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New energy automotive products collective absence 292 batch of "announcement" for what

Date:Jan 10,2017

January 10, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in the official website of the declared 292 approved "road motor vehicle manufacturers and product announcements" new products, the reporter carefully collected and found no new energy automotive products figure, industry analysts believe that, December 29, 2016 four ministries and commissions issued a new energy vehicle subsidies New Deal (Finance Building 【2016】 958), is the result of new energy vehicles in the collective absence of the 292 batch of new car publicity the main reason.




This batch of "notice" new product publicity period of 7 days, as of January 16. A total of 486 automobile, motorcycle and three-wheeled automobile production enterprises were notified of the "Announcement" of new products, including 448 automobile manufacturers, 36 motorcycles and 2 automobile manufacturers. The above enterprises to declare a total of 2491 new products, including automotive products 2381, 99 motorcycle products, three car products 11. The following is the original announcement:


Declaration of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology "road motor vehicle manufacturers and products Bulletin" (292 approved) of the new vehicle product publicity


In accordance with the relevant requirements of the Announcement, the new products of the "Declaration of Road Motor Vehicles Production Enterprises and Products" (No.229) will be publicized and supervised by all sectors of the society. If any objection is raised, Feedback System Feedback.


The publicity time: January 10, 2017 to January 16, 2017

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