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The Kaimai Pure Electric Sweeper is an all-weather vacuum suction light sweeper.

More than one car, clean and efficient

Cleaning: Two 720 mm diameter side brushes with a 1.6 m sweep width. The side brush is directly driven by a hydraulic motor to provide sufficient power and stable speed to ensure cleaning efficiency.

Vacuuming and aspirating foreign matter (FOD): High-power vacuuming and foreign body-absorbing (FOD) equipment, as well as extended hand-held vacuum and foreign body (FOD) devices for one-stop efficient cleaning.

Flushing: equipped with a high-pressure water gun, 80-120 bar water pressure to clean the ground oil stains, stubborn stains, adhesions and so on.

Efficient: 15,000 square meters can be cleaned in one hour.

Reliable performance

The design conforms to national and industrial standards such as GB/T 21268-2007, JB/T 10856-2008, JB/T303-2007, JB/T 303-2007, QC/T 51-2006, etc.

And passed the inspection of professional institutions, safe and reliable.

Vehicle walking, suction sweep, hydraulic pressure, high pressure cleaning adopt integrated communication system and modular design. At the same time, the vehicle adopts the latest digital control technology, which can be customized according to the customer's actual working conditions. The system has intelligent control functions such as up-slope automatic increase output current, down-slope automatic deceleration, regenerative braking, etc. At the same time, through the feedback of motor speed, the vehicle is fully closed-loop controlled to meet the comfort requirements of electric vehicles while ensuring the vehicle's Safe and reliable operation.

Simple and comfortable to operate

The AC intelligent control system and intelligent fault alarm system and one-button operation make the operation simpler and more convenient;

The garbage bin has an automatic lifting and dumping function, which can lift 1.3 meters, and can directly dump the garbage into the transfer box, effectively preventing the secondary pollution of the garbage during the dumping process and reducing the work intensity of the personnel.

The vehicle is fully enclosed, adjustable seat and steering wheel, and equipped with cab heating and air conditioning for comfortable and labor-saving operation.

Energy conservation

The lithium battery system is used as the vehicle power energy, and the process is zero-emission;

Equipped with high-efficiency intelligent charger, charging efficiency ≥94%;

Low noise operation.

Kaimai pure electric sweeper (type I) is used in the airport and surrounding environment (runway, apron, other and parking lots, surrounding roads, parks, etc.).

Kaimai pure electric sweeper (Type II) is a special cleaning equipment for the airport. It is equipped with electromagnetic adsorption and monitoring according to the working environment and working conditions in the airport.

Vacuum cleaning and other devices can effectively remove all kinds of FOD at the airport.


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