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CM103 series power lithium battery system

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CM103 series power lithium battery system is an airport special equipment and vehicle battery system developed by Sichuan Kaimai New Energy Co., Ltd. after 4 years. It has been completed at Beijing Capital Airport for 2 years and loaded with the system's Tengda JET16 electric baggage tractor. CAAC certification has been completed. Various performance indicators can meet the requirements of the airport.

The battery system is applied to airport-specific equipment and vehicles. Compared with fuel and traditional lead-acid battery systems, it has outstanding advantages in energy utilization efficiency, service life, vehicle operation management, and environmental protection. The system components mainly include lithium battery modules, management and control systems, fire suppression and explosion suppression devices, cloud management platforms, etc. The system is simple to install and compatible with a variety of airport-specific equipment and vehicles.

Sichuan Kaimai New Energy Co., Ltd. contributes to the environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction of the airport with the product design and manufacturing concept of “high safety, high reliability and high cost performance”!

System Features:

High security, long life and fast charging.

The battery management system with independent intellectual property rights realizes accurate collection of voltage, current, temperature and other data of the battery pack, SOC estimation, charge and discharge control, and storage of historical data.

The design standards are based on national and electric vehicle industry standards: GB/T31484/31485/31486/31467-2015, GB/T27544-2011

Distributed system design, even if the subsystem fails, the vehicle can still work normally;

Excellent environmental adaptability and can be designed and manufactured according to various ambient temperature requirements;

The battery box safety alarm and automatic fire suppression system are configured to monitor temperature, sparks, smoke and gas in real time, and automatically extinguish fires to reduce system safety risks.The battery system configuration is performed according to the different working conditions of the vehicle to optimize the service life of the system.

80% of the power supply can be completed in one hour to ensure the attendance efficiency of the vehicle.

The charge and discharge efficiency is %97%, and the loss is small;

Use process "zero emissions";

The product complies with ROHS and REACH standards.

Main technical parameters of the system2

Main application areas:

Airport equipment and vehicles such as baggage tractors, baggage transport vehicles, passenger elevators, lift trucks, and conveyor belts.

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